How Exercise Helps Us Stay Fit And Healthy

How Exercise Helps Us Stay Fit And Healthy

Not only is exercise good for your heart, it’s also good for your brain, mood and a number of other things. Researchers are finding that physical activity can improve our quality of life in many ways, especially as we age. The best part? It doesn’t have to be strenuous!

Physical activity helps us maintain a healthy weight.

Exercise is a great way to burn calories, but it’s also important for maintaining a healthy weight. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), almost half of all Americans are overweight or obese. This can put you at risk for heart disease, diabetes and other health problems.

If you’re trying to lose weight with exercise alone, there are several things that might slow down your progress:

  • Your body adapts to physical activity by burning fewer calories over time (this process is known as metabolic adaptation). To combat this effect so that your body continues burning more calories than usual after starting an exercise program – which means continuing to lose weight – try adding interval training into your routine. Interval training involves alternating between high-intensity bursts of activity followed by periods of low intensity movement; some examples include sprinting as fast as possible on an incline treadmill or doing burpees while lifting weights.* Eating too much food at meals can make it harder for you burn off those extra calories through exercise.* Not getting enough sleep can cause changes in hormone levels that affect how efficiently we digest food and
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