List Of Equestrian Sports

Here is a list of sports in which the competitors ride on the back of a horse. As noted in “horse racing” above, horses can race in harness, pulling a pretty lightweight cart recognized as a sulky At the other finish of the spectrum, some draft horses compete in horse pulling competitions, where single or teams of horses and their drivers vie to figure out who can pull the most weight for a quick distance.

Sport normally means there is a competitive side to an activity. And horseback riding undoubtedly provides the chance for that. Even if it appears that the horse is getting judged, the horse is hardly ever greater than the trainer or rider who prepared it. So it still requires hours of human physical activity till a horse is competitors prepared.

It is statements like this that make riders roll their eyes and wish they could plunk the questioner on a horse , point them at a jump, hand them a dressage test, or send them down a fifty-mile trail and see what the answer would be when they had been completed their ride.

Eventing , also called combined coaching, horse trials, the three-day occasion, the Military or the comprehensive test, puts together the obedience of dressage with the athletic capacity of show jumping, the fitness demands the cross-nation jumping phase. In the final-named, the horses jump over fixed obstacles, such as logs, stone walls, banks , ditches and water , trying to finish the course below the “optimum time.” There was also the ‘Steeple Chase’ Phase, which is now excluded from most key competitions to bring them in line with the Olympic common.

The thought that riding a horse astride could injure a woman’s sex organs is a historic, but sometimes well known even right now, misunderstanding or misconception, particularly that riding astride can harm the hymen 38 Evidence of injury to any female sex organs is scant. In female high-level athletes, trauma to the perineum is rare and is connected with specific sports (see Pelvic floor#Clinical significance ). The variety of trauma linked with equestrian sports has been termed “horse riders’ perineum”. 39 A case series of 4 female mountain bike riders and 2 female horse riders identified each patient-reported perineal discomfort and proof of sub-clinical changes in the clitoris 40 the relevance of these findings to horse riding is unknown.