Best Free Basketball Games Online

Best Free Basketball Games Online

Basketball is my favorite sport. I’ve been playing the game since I was a kid, and I still love it as an adult. There are many different ways to play basketball, from casual pick-up games with friends to competitive leagues during which you can win prize money or even earn scholarships to college. But there’s another way that’s more laid back—playing basketball video games! While there are plenty of online games out there where you can play as yourself on a team against other people or just another computer-controlled player (like FIFA), here are some of my favorites:

Top 3 Free Basketball Games Online

  • NBA 2K16

This is a basketball game that’s been around for a while, with versions on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It’s made by 2K Sports and has realistic graphics that make you feel like you’re watching an actual NBA game on TV. The controls are easy to use so even kids can play it without any trouble; there are also different levels of difficulty depending on how good you want your player to be at shooting hoops!

2K Sports also has another great game called “NBA Jam” which involves high-flying dunks and amazing blocks from players like LeBron James or Steph Curry (depending on who you choose). This game was originally released back in 1993 but still holds up today as one of the best basketball titles ever made available online!

1. NBA 2K16

NBA 2K16 is a simulation game for PC and consoles. It’s also a sports game, but not just any old sport–basketball! The game features a host of different modes that allow you to play as your favorite NBA teams or create your own team from scratch. If you want to play against other players online, there are plenty of options there too (including ranked matches).

2. NBA Jam

Nba Jam is a basketball game that was released in 1993. It was developed by Midway Games and it is the second best-selling basketball game of all time. The first sports game to feature real NBA players, NBA Jam became popular among fans because of its over-the-top slam dunks and alley oops, as well as its humorous commentary from former NBA players such as Charles Barkley and Magic Johnson.

There are several different modes you can play in this game:

  • Exhibition mode – You can pick any team from either conference and play against them or against another user online;
  • Playoff mode – You have to win each round before advancing onto the next one;
  • Tournament mode – A single player tournament where you have multiple games per round until you reach the finals which will be held on March 29th (this game’s release date).

3. The Basketball Game

  • The Basketball Game
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These are three of the best games for basketball lovers

  • Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is a free-to-play basketball game that features real-life players and teams, as well as an arcade mode. The graphics are 3D, making it feel like you’re playing in person with someone else (if only!).

  • NBA Jam

NBA Jam is a classic arcade game that allows you to play with your friends against other users online or offline in one-on-one matches across multiple modes of play such as Tournament Mode, Super Slam Dunk Mode and more! There’s also a story mode where you can unlock new characters through completing challenges set by other players around the world! This game has been around since 1993 so if anyone knows how to make fun games then it would be Midway Games who created this one back then before they went bankrupt after being bought out by Warner Bros Entertainment Group Incorporated due out on April 30th 2020 but now owned by Electronic Arts Incorporated which means they no longer own any rights over these titles so we recommend checking them out before their release date hits because otherwise there may not be enough time left before then…

These are three of the best games for basketball lovers. They have a lot of features that will keep you entertained, including online multiplayer and offline single-player modes. If you’re looking for something new to play this weekend then give these titles a try!