Race Walking Equipment And Training Tips

Race Walking Equipment And Training Tips

When you’re walking, you need to be comfortable. When you’re race walking, that comfort becomes more important than ever. After all, there are no second chances in a timed event—everything has to go exactly right for you to finish with the fastest time possible. If your shoes don’t fit properly or your clothes aren’t breathable enough on a hot day, those things can put a damper on your performance and affect how fast you go over the course. That’s why it’s so important for race walkers to find equipment that helps them perform at their best: shoes that fit just right and socks that don’t fall down mid-stride (or even worse) during an intense workout session; garments like arm sleeves or compression gear designed specifically for active wear; hydration packs with pouches big enough for all of your essential fluids; hats and sunglasses if necessary during outdoor events; etcetera and so forth.

Get the right running shoes.

It is important that you get the right shoes for race walking. While running shoes will work for short distances, they are not designed for long-distance walking and can cause pain or blisters if worn for extended periods of time.

You should also buy shoes made specifically for race walkers because they have features that make them more comfortable, such as light weight materials and good soles with good traction (see our guide on how to choose the best walking shoe).

Find the best socks for race walking.

When it comes to choosing …

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