A Look Inside NBA Lockout

A Look Inside NBA Lockout

The NBA is in a good position, as it’s still the most popular basketball league in the world. But like every other professional sports league, it’s facing issues with its players’ union. The latest round of negotiations between both sides has failed, and now it looks like we’re headed for another lockout. While you wait for an answer from these two teams (which may take months), here are some things you should know about what’s going on behind the scenes:

Teams are trying to make up lost revenue.

To make up for lost revenue, some NBA teams are looking for new ways to generate money. For example, the New York Knicks have started selling merchandise in China and India. Other teams might sell the rights for their games or even think about adding advertisements on their uniforms.

It’s not just professional sports leagues that are losing money during a lockout; college football has seen its share of negative effects too. Some schools have had to cancel games because they couldn’t find enough players who wanted to play under these conditions–or at all!

The NBA has a history of lockout.

Lockout is a labor dispute between a union and an employer, and it occurs when the two parties cannot agree on terms for their new collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

Lockouts can be caused by many factors. In some cases, they’re initiated by employers who want to reduce costs and increase productivity at their companies; in others, unions may demand better benefits …

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