Benefits of Sports

The reasons to begin a workout routine if you don’t already have one, are limitless. The effects working out regularly has on your physical and mental health is unquestioned. Working out for many is a form of release, the gym is a place where you can set goals, and with hard work can achieve them. Seeing the progress physically and mentally can be life changing, not just for your health but in your life in general. If you haven’t worked out before in a gym however, it can be intimidating. Here are some tips for a first-time gym goer.

Advice for First Time Gym Goers

The first common mistake people make on their first day in the gym is go too hard. Many people want results quickly and think doing that extra set will help them achieve their goals faster. But overtraining is a very real thing and is most common in new gym goers. Your body will need time to adjust to your new work out schedule. When first starting, over training can cause injuries and lengthen recovery time to the point of missing your next workout. Soreness is common when first working out, but over training can cause lengthened amounts of soreness, and impede on your progress. When going into the gym try to do 4-5 exercises and 3 sets each. For example, a leg routine may start with a compound movement such as barbell squats. Then supplement this with lunges and machine work.

Another common struggle for first time gym goers is consistency. Getting into the routine of working out can be difficult at first. Many people struggle to see where they can fit an hour in the gym into their busy lives, but it is absolutely possible. You have to make working out a priority if you really want to see … Read the rest

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