Best Sports 4 Year Olds Can Play

Best Sports 4 Year Olds Can Play

For most kids, their first sports experiences are with tee-ball. Tee ball is great for 4 year olds because it’s safe and easy; the coach sets up a tee for each batter and you hit the ball out of the field. But after tee-ball, what’s next? If you’re looking for some other options that are also fun for your children to play, here are five great choices:


Baseball is a great sport for 4-year olds to play. It’s also a great backyard game, as long as you have an enclosed area like a yard or driveway where the ball won’t go over the fence and get lost in the neighbor’s yard. Baseball can be played with just two people, but it’ll be more fun if there are at least three players on each team.

If your child is just learning how to throw and catch, baseball may not be the best option because there will be times when he/she needs help from his/her teammates when he/she makes mistakes like dropping balls or missing catches by throwing them too hard or too soft–and this isn’t something that anyone likes doing! If this happens often enough though (and it probably will), then try playing catch where only one person throws at time so everyone gets some practice time before having another turn at bat.*


Basketball is a great sport for 4 year olds to play. It’s easy to learn, and you can play it with other kids your age. Basketball …

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